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Having strong and well-defined arms is an important part of fitness. It makes a huge difference in your appearance, no matter if you are a guy or a girl. Your arms are not only important to the way you look, but they are also major muscles that you use for everything you do in life.

Having weak arms means that the rest of your body won’t be much stronger. And while having leg strength is really important, having upper body matters just as much. It seems that women, especially, often forgo this crucial area of muscle development.

Now, not everyone has time to spend at the gym every day. With work, children, friends and household chores, women especially, have very little time to give.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the workout you need and deserve every day! Even while you take care of the kiddos, get your chores done around the house, and after you come home from a tough day at the office.

Now, with the Fitness Stimulator Pack you are well on your way to getting the tone and strength that you need to get through your tough days!

fitness muscle stimulator

Presenting the Fitness Stimulator Pack

The fitness stimulator comes with everything you need to get you started on having strong biceps and triceps, thanks to Electrical Muscle Stimulation, also known as EMS.

EMS uses electrical impulses to indicate to your nerve endings to make your muscles contract automatically. That is, without conscious thought, your muscles experience the same type of contractions that they would if you were working them out.

The Fitness Stimulator Pack has two arm pads that have electrodes you attach to your arms that use EMS to give you a very intense workout, while you can concentrate on other things.

Simply attach the arm pads to your biceps or triceps and let them do their work while you can do housework, play with your kids, on sit back and watch TV. No matter what else you have going on, you can still get your workout in!

Along with the arm pads, this pack comes with 6 bottles of Conductive Gel and 12 Gel Pack replacements!

How to Use the Fitness Stimulator Pack

When you first start off, you want to start slow. Too much too soon and you will be extremely sore and unable to use your arms! So, start off with 15 minutes a session. Alternate each day between your biceps and triceps (if you do both, your arms might get way too sore!).

You can then build up your arms to handle 40 minutes a session. But it’s important to allow for rest time and recovery, so take one day of rest between sessions for each muscle group.

Use conductive gel on your skin in order to allow for a good connection between the electrodes on your muscles. Just like when using a sonogram or any type of imaging, the gel allows the electric impulses to go through the upper layer of the dermis, which acts as a barrier often times. The gel also protects your skin from irritation and keeps the electrodes in working condition longer.

Use a gel pad in good working condition with each session as well. The gel pads also serve as conductors that ensure the electric impulses are evenly spread around the area surrounding the electrodes. The gel pads use skin friendly adhesive and can be used up to 30 times if you care for them properly.

As with any workout regimen, it’s important to get cleared by a doctor for physical activity if you have any underlying condition.

Mirror Essentials Abs Stimulator

The Fitness Pack Stimulator is available at Mirror Essentials Online Store. It’s a great website where you can find the latest fitness trends at really low prices. They offer worldwide shipping and your purchases over $45 ship for free! Check them out now.

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