Is it important for children to eat breakfast?

Studies that were conducted in London showed that children who didn’t eat breakfast were not consuming the daily-required nutrients. It was also observed that children who regularly ate breakfast had a considerably higher nutritional profile than those who did not regularly eat breakfast.

This study studied the nutritional data of 1,700 children, more than 800 of them were between 4 to 10 years old and almost 900 children between 11 and 18 years old.

 children who regularly ate breakfast had a considerably higher nutritional profile

This analysis showed that elementary-school children had higher levels of folate, calcium, vitamin C and iodine on days when they ate breakfast, than on the days they were fasting.  Many micronutrients can be found in common breakfast products that are normally considered to be unhealthy such as cereals, biscuits and pudding snacks that are overly processed and jam-packed with sugar.

In the case of older children, between 11 to 18 years old, it was discovered that they reached the daily nutritional requirements for calcium, on the days that they ate breakfast. The difference the writers observed to be a hypothetical situation and only to be valid if based on evidence. Depending entirely on the parental control of teaching their children dietary habits from an early age, studies confirm that this can have a direct affect on their health and nutrition.

The given conclusions of this study is that additional investigation is needed to understand which foods should be eaten at breakfast, also to understand how much should be consumed during different ages, in order to be able to identify exactly what nutrients are needed and where they come from. Likewise, it is necessary to supply additional information about how breakfast can directly impact the quality of the global diet and not just being considered to be the first meal of the day.

Some specialists are mistaken in thinking that if children lack some micronutrients that it is not a concern and others can be receiving an overdose of these micronutrients from overeating processed food.  They should not be solely concentrating their attention on the nutritional level but on the quality of the overall diet, considering using all of the different food groups.

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