Why is it so difficult to stick to your diet?

Every year, around a certain time of the year, it seems everybody is on a diet and looking for healthier options to eat. The problem with new resolutions that almost everyone adopts at the beginning of the New Year is that it doesn’t last very long.

We often make the same excuses over and over again, when we break our dietary restrictions and enjoy one of the foods that we shouldn’t be eating. Here are seven of the most common excuses used for not following our diet or giving up on our diet before finishing it.

beginning a diet program

– My willpower is too weak: This is one of the most common expressions heard from those who haven’t even done a well-balanced diet and plan to lose weight. This self-defeating attitude is because we are afraid of change and of breaking free from our comfort zones that we have been enjoying for far too long.

– I have a very slow metabolism: This is another common excuse used for putting off beginning a diet program. Let’s be honest here, do we really know how our metabolism works?

– I don’t have time for cooking healthy meals: In order to make healthy meals at home, you don’t need too much time to make them, it is all a matter of being organized. Some meals can be made in larger quantities and frozen in smaller portions. Another option is making the more elaborated meals on the weekend and making lighter and quicker recipes during the week.

– I eat out everyday because of my job, it is impossible to diet: Are you saying that restaurants don’t offer salads, steamed vegetables, grilled meats and fish or fresh fruits? It is possible to eat healthy while dining out. Some products such as Garcinia can help reduce appetite, are capsules that you should take half an hour before eating and work.

– I nibble all day long, this is enough to lose weight: Skipping the three main meals a day is one of the biggest mistakes. Many people believe that eating less means easy weight loss, but nothing could be further from the truth. When we do this, our body thinks it needs to go into saving mode, and begins to store up everything that you consume, hence not providing our body with the nutrients our body needs to properly function.

– I just diet for 5 days and lose whatever I don’t need: Dieting is not about watching what you eat for a few days. It is about changing our dietary habits, teaching us how to keep up these healthy habits all the time and making the new habits part of our normal dietary pattern. When we lose weight too fast in a short period of time, this can be very damaging on our body. Also we haven’t really lost body fat but water weight and minerals,, which will cause the much-feared “rebound effect” in a short time.

The best diet plan for permanent weight loss is based on a firm foundation of healthy principles that will encourage you to adopt a series of habits that promote healthy, balanced and varied eating. At the same time you will need to perform regular physical activity and being patient with yourself. Dieting is a lifetime contract and these changes must become part of your life forever, this is the only way your dietary plan will work.

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